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Newsletter Trivia - September 2022

Hickey & Foster Newsletter Trivia - September 2022

  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company gives their ice cream waste to local Vermont farmers, who use it to feed their hogs. What is the only flavor the hogs don’t like? A: Mint Oreo.
  • What are the most popular dog names in 2022? A: Max and Bella
  • Why are barns traditionally red? A: Traditionally, farmers looked for inexpensive ways to paint their big barns, and used what they had on hand: lime, milk, and red iron oxide (what we commonly call rust). When mixed together, it created a cheap, beautiful paint!
  • What housewarming gift is considered bad luck to give, according to superstition? A: A knife! However, there’s a way around it: tape a penny to the gift and the recipient can give it back to the gift giver. That way, they are technically paying for the knife and it is not a gift!

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