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Support Local During Coronavirus Crisis

Many of us shop in local stores and eat at the local restaurants many times a year. With the closing of everything and reduced visitors to the community, let’s all visit as many of our favorite stores, shops and restaurants and buy a gift certificate that we will use when things are back to normal.

If everyone did this, the lost cash flow would be reduced and might make the difference between a shop being able to survive the 30 to 60 days before things return to normal.

Ken Libby

This Letter to the Editor was also published in the Stowe Reporter on March 19, 2020.


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    Baraw family sells Stoweflake Resort & Spa

    Baraw family

    "I’m pleased to congratulate the Baraw family on the sale of the Stoweflake Resort & Spa after more than 50 years of ownership. The Stoweflake is one of the two largest resorts in Stowe with a spa ranked as one of the best in the United States. I loved working with them and the buyer, MCR.

    I’m excited to see the transformation of this property after MCR enhances the property with their planned 5-7 million dollar investment.

    Thanks to the Baraw family for allowing me to be your advocate through this transaction made very difficult by COVID."

    Ken Libby


    The sale of the Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa was finalized on Dec. 23, 58 years after it first opened around Christmas, 1963. The resort has been managed for over half a century by three generations of the Baraw family. ... There will be no day-one changes, but planned renovations will likely occur next summer and the hotel management company hopes to unveil the new and improved Stoweflake in time for the 2022-2023 ski season.

    Read more in the news article about the sale of the Stoweflake property in the Stowe Reporter.


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      Bunny's legacy: Ken Libby starts new scholarship fund in Stowe


      Ken Libby and his children accept a plaque in honor of his late wife, Joan "Bunny" Libby, for her dedication to the Stowe Recreation Commission and the family's donation to create the Joan "Bunny" Libby Recreation Scholarship Fund to help send children to the Stowe Recreation Program.

      If you are interested in contributing to this scholarship fund, please contact Matt Frazee, Parks & Recreation Director, at

      Information/photo credit:


      Ken Libby

      An excerpt from the Stowe Reporter:

      In other business, the town [of Stowe] was donated roughly $50,000 for a new scholarship fund for the town’s parks and recreation department. [Go to 6:15 minutes @ Recording of 12/14/21 Selectboard Meeting via Zoom]

      The Bunny Libby Scholarship Fund is named in memory of Joan “Bunny” Libby, who died in 2018 but who served on the Stowe Recreation Commission for 17 years.

      The money is a rough estimate because it comes in a unique format: Bunny’s husband Ken Libby has donated 800 shares of stock in Exxon Mobil and, as of the end of November the stocks were worth $63.13 a share, or $50,504.

      Libby said his wife was keen on making sure youth participated in recreation programs, “and if there was a kid who couldn’t afford it, she’d pay for it.”

      [Board chair Billy] Adams said, in thanking Libby for the gift, “I’m usually not at a loss for words, but I am this time.”

      Read the full article “Retail cannabis might get Stowe vote after all” in the December 16, 2021, edition of the Stowe Reporter.


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        Steven Foster is the Lamoille Area Board of Realtors' 2021 Realtor of the Year

        Steven FosterThis year’s Lamoille Area Board of Realtors’ Realtor of the Year Award goes to Steven Foster.

        Foster is being recognized for his dedication to the real estate community and his professionalism.

        “He steps up when no one else will and is always looking for more ways to help our community, our association and any Realtor colleague in general,” said Kathleen James, one of his colleagues.

        In addition to his volunteer work on the board, Foster is a Little League coach, volunteers for the Morristown EMS and serves on the Morristown Planning Council.

        Read more! Congrats Steven!

        This article was also published in the Stowe Reporter on September 9, 2021.


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