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Selling Vermont Real Estate

As the seller of real estate, whether it is your home, land or a commercial property, you need to be aware of many requirements in today's world, or you can employ a REALTOR® to assist you. You should also be aware that only about 70% of all licensed real estate agents are members of the Vermont Association of REALTORS® and through them also a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. Membership in NAR and VAR requires the REALTOR® to adhere to a very strict Code of Ethics. This is not required of other licensed real estate agents.

If you chose Hickey & Foster Real Estate to represent you, we will provide you with many services, some required by law or regulations and some to be determined by you. Among these services are the following:

  • A Comparable Marketing Analysis to determine the value of your property.
  • An evaluation of what you might do to make your property show better to obtain to highest value possible for it.
  • Assisting you to obtain copies of all required permits, surveys and other related documents that will be required by a buyer.
  • Provide you with a Seller’s Property Information Report for you to make out and give to a buyer. This report provides a record of your evaluation of the property in the event of a dispute after closing.
  • Assistance to you in the negotiation of the purchase price.
  • Marketing of the property on a number of national websites and local advertising medias.

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